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Taxi from Salisbury to Bournemouth Airport

Cheap taxi from Salisbury to Bournemouth Airport!

Taxi from Salisbury to Bournemouth Airport £50!

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Airport transfers

Castle Cabs serve all UK airports

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Castle Cabs

Dorset's premier airport transfer company

Looking to travel by taxi from Salisbury to Bournemouth Airport? Castle Cabs offer set price taxis from Salisbury to Bournemouth Airport for just £50 each way! Call today!

Call 01747 898 222!

For your transfer by taxi from Salisbury to Bournemouth Airport, your driver will collect you from any hotel, office or residential address in Salisbury and drive you directly to Bournemouth Airport at a set rate of only £50 with no hidden charges!

To book your Salisbury to Bournemouth taxi call 01747 898 222, text on 0777 101 0011, or email

Which vehicle will take me from Salisbury to Bournemouth Airport?

Castle Cabs are proud to be Dorset’s premier airport taxi company, and we have a wide range of different vehicles to suit all purposes.


With a fleet ranging from 4 seat saloons to 8 seater minibuses, Castle Cabs are guaranteed to have a vehicle to suit your needs.


Visit the Our Vehicles page for full details!

Our set rate taxi from Salisbury to Bournemouth Airport is for up to four adults and three suitcases! If you live outside Salisbury, this price is also valid for any address within a 4 mile radius of Salisbury city centre

What if we have extra passengers or cases?

Castle Cabs are one of the few airport transfer companies to be able to offer both 6 and 8 seater minibus taxis! Our multiseat taxis are capable of carrying up to 5, 6, 7 or 8 passengers and can be booked for only £65 for a 6 seater or £75 for an 8 seater!


The rear seats are foldable, meaning that they can also accommodate a large amount of luggage. Please call to discuss your requirements!

How long will the journey take from Salisbury to Bournemouth Airport?

The distance from Salisbury to Bournemouth Airport is 25 miles


Average journey time is 40 minutes


The journey time shown below is an estimation based on Google Maps and may vary, but shows the route between Salisbury and Bournemouth Airport

Castle Cabs are the cheapest way to get a taxi from Salisbury to Bournemouth Airport!

Call now on 01747 898 222!