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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can Castle Cabs provide a quote for any destination?

In a word, almost! We often have customers going to destinations in England, Scotland and Wales. We are always happy to quote for European journeys… our drivers have excellent European knowledge… but it must be remembered that there will be the additional cost of the ferry in both directions for the taxi and driver. We WILL however always try and find the cheapest means possible of getting there and back, but this is dependent on factors including the time of day you wish to travel and whether it’s a weekday or weekend!


What forms of payment do you take?

We accept cash, credit and debit cards either over the phone or in our shop, cheque (which must be cleared prior to the journey taking place), Paypal and direct bank transfers.


Will I need to prepay?

Whilst we recommend paying for journeys in advance, we will only require full prepayment for single journeys starting at an airport. For return journeys, or single journeys starting in Dorset, we do not usually require a deposit to be made.


When will I know who my driver will be and how I will be able to contact them?

This can be advised within 24 hours of the journey up until departure. You can request to receive your driver’s name and telephone number in either text or email. In the unlikely event that a driver change needs to take place we will make every effort to ensure that you are aware of this, but our office numbers are available 24 hours a day for added peace of mind.


Are there any additional charges to the set fares?

No. The set fares include all parking/pick up/drop off fees at the relevant destinations. The price shown is the price charged. The only optional extra that we offer is meet and greet, explained below.


Will I need meet and greet and will the driver meet us in the terminal if we don’t book it?

The driver will always meet you in the terminal, unless there is a reason that prevents it. Some of our minibuses (for example) are too large to use the standard car parks, but in most cases they will meet you inside with your name on a board.

Meet and greet is generally only necessary for when passengers don’t have a mobile phone, or can’t speak English. Our procedure for most airports is that your driver will call you around 20-30 minutes after landing, and when they know that you are waiting for your cases, will then come into the terminal to meet you. Meet and greet simply means that they will come into the terminal 30 minutes after landing, and this charge helps us to cover the additional parking fees.


Can you suggest a departure time?

We operate a large amount of airport transfers throughout the year, and can suggest a departure time that should allow ample time to arrive at the airport. However, due to variable traffic conditions and roadworks we cannot be held responsible if there is any major delay on the route. Please ensure that you leave ample time for your journey!


What happens if my flight is cancelled or delayed? Will there be an additional charge?

Usually we will know this before you do! We monitor flights closely in the 24 hours prior to pick up so that we’re aware of any change in circumstances. A cancelled flight is unfortunate, but there will be no additional fee incurred should this arise. The only additional fees that we charge under these circumstances are when a flight has been diverted to another airport. In some cases this can actually work out cheaper than your original journey, but the new rate will be charged at the set fare advertised on our website.

What will happen if I need to cancel my booking?

In the event that you may need to cancel your booking, the will be a £20 admin fee, with a refund depending on the notice that you have given.

If you have given us over 7 complete days notice, you will receive a full refund minus the £20 admin fee.

Within 7 days you will receive 50% minus the £20 admin fee. The reason for this is that we turn down a lot more bookings than we take on, and this is to cover any loss of work sustained due to the cancellation.

Within 24 hours we cannot offer a refund.

 For any other questions please contact us!


Call:- 01202 834343

Text:- 0777 101 0011

Email:- contact@castle-cabs.co.uk